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Inner-Child Healing

Re-directing you back to your natural state of energy

  • 45 minutes
  • 1,500 Danish kroner
  • Online Zoom


The Archangel's healing energy has a powerful calming effect. When you are at your calmest, you are free to accept all your flaws and embrace your good qualities. You become self-aware-aware of your role in the larger universe, and how you fit in the grand scheme. When you can stop focusing on your shortcomings and start working on them, you become more empowered. The hopelessness can go away because now you can take charge of your life. Feelings of un-worthiness, limiting beliefs, lack of self-love is often the root causes that creates resistance, to stepping into our power and embracing the things we desire to have and experience. Once we heal the internal world within us it reflects into the external, and can help to propel us forward with that empowerment and confidence we want to have. To be able to truly feel and believe that we are worthy, we must peel the layers of our inner souls’ energy, so that we are not just acting as if, but truly feeling and believing our own worthiness. Many of us have a strong belief that our inner child issues are over. That we have already moved passed it and dealt with it. From my experience when channeling for clients, I frequently receive messages about healing that still is imminent to be done, that reflects to the inner child. The clients may not be conscious of this energy that still lingers within them, causes them not to be in the energy they truly desire to live in. If we can understand when and where our blocks and obstacles began, we can start to nourish those parts of us, and transcend the energy. It’s like an aid for our soul. Our inner-child consists of both good and not so good memories. When connecting back to our inner-child and acknowledging the memories and feelings, we find the correlation is like a string of energy that is carried with us into our adult life. Healing our inner child may to some seem insignificant or irrelevant. But it has a powerful effect, on how we show up in this world, and most importantly how we show up for ourselves. Whether it be inner-child necklet or unresolved inner child trauma, when healing our inner child, we can start to connect back to feelings of worthiness and self-love, which is essentially key to live a life with peace and joy. All my sessions are done online on Zoom. Please reach out to me beforehand of booking a session. This is to make sure you are choosing the right session and that I can meet your expectations regarding the date for the booking.

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