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Meet Mandana

Spiritual Counselor, Clairvoyant Medium And Healer

From an early age, Mandana has always been very sensitive to energy. She could sense the energy around her and sometimes see energy. This lead her to feel fearful and feel unsecure, as she didn't understand what these experiences meant. Overtime she pushed her sensitivity away. This only meant, that she was able to cope just a little better than before.

In her adult years she was pushed by the universe, to face the challenges she had created in her life, that was keeping her from being truly happy. She went through an awakening and transformation process, that shifted her perspective, and put her back into the drivers seat of her own life.

During this process, her vibration was raised tremendously, and because of this her senses started to open up again. But this time much stronger. She was lead by the universe her to her souls purpose.

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To heal profoundly, and become aware of the lessons you need to learn, I work to find where the energy originates from, and what the root causes are. By doing this, you can be more self-empowered in integrating the lessons into your life, and becoming more conscious of your own role, to help preventing the energy re-generate itself.

I am also very honest, which means, the more open you are to the messages and guidance that comes through for you, the more you will gain from the sessions. I believe if something is shared with me from the spiritual world, it is because you are being called to face the truth. We do not always receive the answers we want to hear, but rather what the spiritual realm sees as imminent, for us to build upon our growth.

A common fear for many is, the fear of going within and facing the truth. There is a misconception that inside is a dark place. Where there is darkness the light can shine. Which means, under each layer of pain there is an empowering lesson, ready to align you with your souls true essence. Each time you heal a layer, you are rewarded with being able to recognise and build upon who you truly are, and be your authentic self.

My Approach

True healing is an inside job. It's like an aid for your soul. Once the old energies has been released, a new pathway can emerge, and bring you into alignment with a new beginning. 

Deciding that you a worthy of healing, I can help you with peeling back the layers of your soul, and heal the conditioning, outdated programming, past pain and trauma, self-sabotaging defence mechanism, ego, and energies stored within you causing physical pain.

I always work to empower my clients, and bring an awareness of your subconsciousness conditioning, so that you can be a participant in your own process. This will help the healing energy to integrate furthermore within you.

To be a participant in our own healing journey means, that we must also become aware, of our own role in co-creating the lower energies within us, as well as in the

larger scheme. By becoming aware and more conscious of our own energy, we can take our power back and embark on a journey of healing the whole of us. 

As my client, it is therefor important to me that you feel our sessions as a safe place, where you can heal without judgement. I believe that we are all on our own unique journey working towards enlightenment. We each experience this path unique to our own lessons we are here to learn. 

When I do healings and sessions I always work with all my clairs, and I only work with high vibrational beings- as The Archangels. At each session if I am guided to, I will share with you exercises for you to do after, as this will help to integrate a much deeper healing.

I am a true believer of energy and the law of attraction. I am excited to share with you tools and knowledge, and participate on your journey of healing, transformation, self-empowerment and self-love, re-directing you back to your own pure energy. As I believe there is true power in the bravery of being vulnerable.

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