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Healing Past Lives

Healing a past life can help with unresolved issues in this life

  • 45 minutes
  • 1,800 Danish kroner
  • Online Zoom


Journeying to a past life, makes it possible for us to gain a deeper understanding of why we might carry a certain energy with us, as we access back to where the energy originates from. Healing the energy from a past life can help with unresolved issues. If we have not finished something in a previous life, it is possible that we bring it forward with us to work on in this life. Gaining insight to a past life can help to identify, process and transform unresolved issues, beliefs and attachments. It can also help with releasing limiting vows and traumas that might be causing us difficulties in this life. When going into a past life it can help to bring a deep spiritual healing, and help with letting go off energy that does not serve you. It can also help with bringing knowledge and wisdom to integrate in your current life. During this session, we might access Akashic Records to gain information, do soul-integrations, cutting cords, releasing soul contracts and limiting wows. All my sessions are done online on Zoom. The healings are just as strong as in person sessions. This is because high vibrational multidimensional beings, are not restricted by time and space. Please reach out to me beforehand of booking a sessions. This is to make sure you are choosing the right session, and that I can meet your expectations, regarding the booking of the date you wish to book.

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