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DNA Activations

Connecting to your spiritual in-herigate

  • 45 min
  • 1,500 Danish kroner
  • Online Zoom


DNA activation turns on all the lights in our becoming. What is DNA activation? The same way we have the doubled helix DNA in our body that most of us are familiar with, we also have Spiritual DNA. Imagine that you have an additional DNA template that goes beyond what we already are familiar with. If we activate our spiritual DNA we can access into our higher potential. When we awaken our spiritual DNA-strands, we also unlock our potential beyond our regular doubled helix DNA. This means that we can awaken our potential, and connect to our spiritual in-heritage. DNA activation is something that we can only gain from, when we have reached a place of being ready for the activation to take place. It can not be forced. DNA activation is great, for connecting yourself to deeper measures of your spiritual abilities, and awakening your potential within. The activation feels more like a subtle process, and as we activate one level of your DNA, we can then further activate another level when we are ready. If you are not sure weather, you are ready for a DNA activation you can reach out to me. All my sessions are done online on Zoom. The healings are just as strong as in person sessions. This is because high vibrational multidimensional beings, are not restricted by time and space. Please reach out to me beforehand of booking a sessions. This is to make sure you are choosing the right session, and that I can meet your expectations, regarding the date of booking you wish to book.

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